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Original Paintings by Nirider


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Nirider paints in a dimensional style that blends the untraditional glass and cloth paints with the traditional canvas and acrylic paints. He blends the spiritual and surreal in a way that has been described as ethereal. The seemingly magical symbols create a mystical, visual and cerebral event. He brings an element of sophistication to the deceptively primitive style of his paintings. The images speak to us as they draw us deeper into the depths of their vision. One's senses are assailed by the glitter of gold and silver, the fiery re fractions of gleaming gems and regal jewels.. . He seems to connect with a vision of the future through the doorways of the past. His use of space through time creates a kaleidoscope of inter-connected images-one blending into the other. What is far becomes near and his wrap around visual style portray just how unusual true vision takes shape through the distorted perceptions of the human mind and eye. What one discovers is that these omniscient viewpoints are not theoretically surreal but rather the reality of true vision. Nirider has truly established an American art form-an American vision of itself-with all of its multi-cultural continental flavors-a true American reflection from The Great Mirror of Life.



"Blue Angel" by Nirider 20x24 acrylic on canvas


"Mystery on Janus" 20x24


"Binding of the Spirits" 24x30


"Queen of the Hunt" 22x28